It’s an odd feeling when you see the cover for the first time. It’s not my book — of it i am only a part but to see my name — there in the print — thats pretty spiffing. I can’t imagine what it will feel like when i see my nasty word vomit spread across a few pages in the second volume of The Holon Project. I hope i will feel proud, even if just for a minute. I guess i don’t quite believe its happening though August is just around the corner and i’ll have a cold copy in my hands. To date i am $15.08 richer for my writing.. and a hundred pound sterling richer for bribery. Not only that i am still waiting for a verdict on a short story i submitted months ago. July 20th is when writers will start to be notified, if i don’t hear anything then .. well my story didn’t cut it. This is the likely scenario, but hope prevails — you never fucking know. For now i’ll revel in this beautiful artwork on a cover of a book that i will be in and that will be published. Thanks Ashlee Hampton.